Julia Barnard

Julia Barnard


Enterprise Investment Scheme/SEED Enterprise

These schemes provide generous tax reliefs to individuals who invest in small qualifying trading companies through acquiring newly issued shares.  Whilst an SEIS is similar to EIS, it is designed to encourage investment in small, early stage companies. The following tax reliefs are available:

  • Individual investors who subscribe for shares in qualifying companies can claim for 30 per cent (EIS) or 50 per cent (SEIS) of the investment to be set against their income tax liabilities
  • Providing the shares are held for the requisite period, any capital gain on disposal may be free of capital gains tax
  • Where the shares are disposed of at a loss, it may be possible to set this against income
  • Gains realised on the disposal of any asset can be deferred by reinvesting in shares under these schemes

We regularly advise our clients regarding the tax implications of such investments and our tax compliance team is experienced in making the appropriate claims.