Dale Coleman

Dale Coleman


Raising Finance

Growth is often only achieved by getting the right finance at the right time.

Funds will be needed at various points of your businesses lifecycle.  Finance comes in a range of options:

  • Bank finance and re-banking of existing debt
  • Confidential invoice discounting and factoring
  • Stock and asset finance
  • Development capital
  • Government grants

You may think that banks aren’t so keen on lending these days, but knowing who to talk to can really make a difference.

We have strong relationships with banks, commercial financiers and equity providers which we use to raise funds for working capital, investment in management/equipment, development, equity release and financial restructuring.

As part of this process we will:

  • Evaluate your funding requirements and assist in choosing the most appropriate type of finance
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each source of funding
  • Prepare appropriate business plans/forecasts to present your funding requirement
  • Help you present your case effectively
  • Negotiate with the funders to obtain the best deal
  • Advise you on key terms and conditions attached